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Our Pediatric Dentists Explain Why You Shouldn’t Get a Boil And Bite Mouth Guard

There are several mouth guards for kids. You can even get one from the store. You get these mouth guards to fit by boiling them. However, you shouldn’t use one of these mouth guards. There are several reasons that you should avoid using boil and bite mouth guards.

It Doesn’t Address the Cause

Teeth grinding is caused by something. A boil and bite mouth guard does not address the cause of the tooth grinding. Only a kids dentist in Salisbury can address this issue. A bite imbalance and stress are examples of some of the things that can trigger teeth grinding.

It May Not Work

One of the main reasons that people buy over-the-counter mouth guards is because they are cheap. However, you get what you pay for. The mouth guard may not work. That is why it is worth it for you to pay a local pediatric dentist to make a custom-made mouth guard.

It May Make Things Worse

Not only can an over-the-counter mouth guard be ineffective, but it may also make things worse. Your bite is made up of your cartilage, teeth, muscles, nerves and tissues. An over-the-counter mouth guard can make a simple problem more complex.

It Stops You From Getting the Right Treatment

Many people think that if they have a mouth guard, then there is no need to see a kids dentist in Salisbury. However, you still need treatment. Real treatment is more effective and provides you with lasting results.

If your child is grinding their teeth and needs a local pediatric dentist, then you can phone our office.